Genie II Linear Not Turning on After Firmware Update



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    Alex Beraru

    Hello there,


    I am Alex (Product Support at Syrp). I would like to address these comments with some workaround steps we have for this newly discovered software Bug.

    In the article bellow, you will find some steps that have proved successful to most Genie Mini II users. Genie II Linear users are still being advised to try using an Android phone to perform an update.

    For further support, please don't hesitate to send me an email at


    - Alex 

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    I am experiencing the same issue with a brand new Genie Mini II.

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    I am also experiencing the same thing with a brand new Genie Mini II... It actually seems to be on but in a sleep mode and not functioning. I've pulled the battery and reset it but still doesn't work.

    The app sees the device but it doesn't function and won't update because it's in low battery mode despite the fact it's been charging for all night and after many attempts today all day today. 

    No one is answering the phone in New Zealand for tech support either. Big shoot in the morning but this doesn't seem to be a professional build yet on the new Genie mini II. 

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