TROUBLESHOOT Firmware Updating using iOS versions between 11-12




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    Keith Goreham

    This is the most pathetic user experience I have ever experienced after buying a new product. WHY don't you allow the firmware update to be skipped? I don't want to be at a client site when your software suddenly decides that I need another firmware update, locking me out of my device in what's likely to be a high-interference environment.

    WHY don't you have the device connect to the home/office wifi network instead?

    WHY don't you support updating via a CABLE?

    WHY don't you support updating more slowly via bluetooth if the WiFi method won't work?

    This is not plug and play, it's plug and pray. I haven't had this much trouble getting a product to work since buying PC games in the early 90's.

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    Alex Beraru

    Hey Keith, 


    We are definitely working on improving the user experience for updates. Cable updating is something that has been communicated onto the developers to take into consideration,

    I do understand your frustration on all of this. 

    If you would like, you can send me an email at and I will answer your questions in more depth. For further information on updating can you let me know if you are using Android or iOS? 



    Best Regards,


    Alex (SYRP Support) 






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    I tried so meny times to update my pan tilt device. but its really pathetic, please help


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