How To Setup Genie II and Genie Mini II with Timelapse VIEW +




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    Kenneth Sewards

    Hi, what do you mean by setting the View+ to slave mode?  Do you mean setting it to "Aux 2?"  Furthermore, the Syrp 1C link cable is for Canon cameras.  Will a regular 2.5mm TRS cable work?  I went on a shoot last weekend and couldn't use the genie ii with my VIEW+, the genie went totally crazy and froze.  Can you please elaborate?

    Thanks a lot.


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    HI Kenneth, 

    Yes set it to AUX 2. And yes the 1c cable is for Canon cameras but also performs this function perfectly. All you need is a male to male 2.5mm 3pole jack. Watch this video for more details
    YouTube | Syrp
    Quick Tip - Day to Night Motion Time-lapse Tutorial with Timelapse+ View


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