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    Glen Allen

    The iOS Syrp Genie app doesn't work with the new release of iOS11. Syrp released a new version today 2.5.2 which was to address iOS11 update problems. It works no better than the earlier version it replace. The app will allow you to set up pan & tilt angles, but won't let you run a video or time lapse program. I tried everything I could think of. I have two minis tried switching out which was pan which was tilt. Tried both as a single pan unit... Nothing worked.. total waste of my day


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    Charles Robinson

    Same here...just upgraded my iPhone to iOS11 and consequently my Genie Minis can be used with it. Luckily I do have an iPad that I've not yet updated and that works fine. Hopefully Syrp will get on and sort this little issue asap!

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