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    Hyungkun Lee

    I have e-mailed you many times, but I do not have an answer,
    Do not you think so?

    I sent it as the primary mail on August 13, 2018, but I do not have an answer and send it again.

    I am using genie2.8.1 and genie mini on my iPhone 8+.
    1.genie update v 2.8.1 after mobile phone genie APP in bluetooth no matter how to connect, no connection,
    I can not believe this is happening many times when I come to the scene because there is important photography ,,,
    Also, some time ago, my friend is too uncomfortable not to connect APP in the field,
    How do you solve it,

    2018년8월13일  1차 메일로 보냈으나,,답변이 없어 다시 보냅니다,,

    genie2.8.1와genie mini 를 아이폰8+ 에서 사용중입니다.
    1.genie 업데이트 V 2.8.1후 모바일폰 블루투스에서 genie APP을 아무리 연결을 할려고 해도 연결이 안됩니다,
    중요한 촬영이 있어 현장에 나오면 이런일이 여러번 발생을 하여 믿을수가 없군요,,,
    또한 얼마전에 친구도 현장에서 APP 연결이 안되어 너무 불편합니다,
    어떻게 해결좀 해주세요,

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    I have tried all the methods you posted in your support forum but still cant get the genie mini to work properly. Resetted the hardware, off every thing possible in the phone and wifi, changed various locations but the genie mini cant seem to get updates with versin 2.3.3.

    I seriously think this update has a serious bug

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