Troubleshoot - Genie Mini Isn't Firing My Camera's Shutter




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    hi there my genie mini doesnt  fire the camera with cable..

    and with out camera cable

    time lapse doesnt start .....

    but I can control genie mini over app I'm connected over bluetooth I can move when ever want

    but I can't start video or time-lapse when I click REC button!

    best regards

    ilker acikhan

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    Jouni Ikonen

    Did everything mentioned in problem hunting list with IR cable and Sony Nex-7, but Genie mini justs turn camera in panorama mode. I thought that cable is broken, but everything seemed to work when I switched to time lapse mode. If I switch back to panorama mode (from timelapse mode) it will fire first shot, but only that one.

    My current judgement is that there is a software bug and panorama mode does NOT work (at least with IR) cable.

    App version 2.5.1 (74) in Android

    Genie version: 2.3.3

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    Raymund Dawang

    Hi support , im using fujifilm xt1 and xt2. Both firing on panorama and turntable. But not working on timelapse and video. When i press the rec button it slide and will prompt me on the same page. Play button is not working as well. I experience this after upgrading ios11. Please check the app. Thanks

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    Glen Allen

    Raymund: I have the same issue using two mini units and a canon camera ... They release a new version of their app 2.5.2 on Saturday afternoon but it has not resolved the problem. I've contacted Syrp support (have an open support ticket) Vishwa says they have identified the problem and their software developers are working on it. Could be a couple of days (from this morning's update).  Apple has gone out of their way to screw with their own software (on purpose), making things less useful instead of better. It's no wonder independents like Syrp creating apps in the iOS world are having problems now too.  

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    Rudolf Leskosek

    Same issue here with Genie Mini, using IOS 11 and latest FW update on Nikon D810. Timelapse does not fire, everything else, like panning or panorama works ok. Raised support ticket today with them.

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    Raymund Dawang

    Support replied and they said that it is a known issue on IOS 11. They are fixing it hard now. Hope they resolve it asap. :-)

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    Hello users,

     Thank you for your patience. We are currently in the process of testing the workaround for the issue, and hope to push an update soon.

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    Tried all this, but my genie mini STILL isn't firing my camera's shutter. 

    Emailed support 5 days ago.  I'd really appreciate some help fixing this or a refund under warranty.

    Camera: sony A7Sii - firmware version 3.0
    Syrp app version 2.5.5 (474) Pan GM version 2.3.3
    Using IPhone IOS 11.2.2

    I've Verified the connection cable works by testing it with other intervelomters and this camera.

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    Dmitry Rukhlenko

    Any update on video recording start with cable on Fujifilm X-T3? Timelapse and panorama shooting are working fine

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    HI Dmitry, starting a video recording is a option we will be looking at when the camera control feature is enabled, there is no ETA as of yet but it is on our radar.

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